Monday, November 10, 2008

One tooth down

Well, it has begun...Baylee has lost her first tooth. Her friends have been loosing teeth so she has been so anxious for her turn. She's been telling me for months that she thinks she has a loose tooth but I haven't taken her seriously until the other day. I actually looked in her mouth and she really did have a loose tooth!! Now...if you loose a tooth at school the kids get a "cool" tooth necklace. So, she has been waiting and wiggling the hardest while she is at school, luck. Tonight she asked me to look at it cause she said that it felt like it was "barely hangin' on". I looked in her mouth and it was completely sideways so I wiggled it gently and then gave it a little tug and out it came. She didn't even notice until I showed her that it came out. She has been bouncing off the walls and wants to tell everyone about it so we took a few pictures to share!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

More Halloween Activities...

I have been slacking and haven't posted anything about the rest of the halloween activities we had planned for the kids. We carved pumpkins, went to Steph's house to decorate cookies and make carmel apples. Avery spent the whole night licking the icing off of the same cookie...and loved it! Uncle Jon was there and the kids always love to see Johnny!! We tried our hardest to get a picture of Jon with all the kids. Then, of course, we went trick or treating at Lakeview as well as the neighborhood. Yeah...they have way too much candy. Avery did a great job this year. She is the kid that always wants to be carried everywhere she goes. BUT, when candy was being passed out she willingly walked up to the doors. Once her bucket got too heavy she decided to ride in the stroller...cause there was no way she was taking any of the candy out! Baylee is such a good sister and helped her along the way...even though she really wanted to run and leave her behind.

We had such a fun time this Halloween. Hopefully they'll all be this much fun!

At Steph's house...

Notice the huge lick right down the middle of the cookie!
Such a perfectionist...I don't know where she gets it from.

Ave still working on that darn cookie!

Carving pumpkins...
Ave didn't necessarily like the feel of the "guts"

Baylee couldn't get enough...