Monday, August 18, 2008

ABC song

I was trying to figure out the video aspect of my camera this morning and decided to try it out on Avery. She has this little toy that plays the Alphabet song and she walks around singing with the toy to her ear. She got a little camera shy though, so this was the best I could get. She knows the general rythm of the song and if you listen carefully you might even make out some letters!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I know...

I was bored at work this morning so I decided to change my blog background. Now my header and background don't's such a pain sometimes.

Monday, August 11, 2008

1st Day of Kindergarten

Today was Baylee's first day of Kindergarten. They asked the parents to stay with the kids for the first day so that it wouldn't be as "scary" for them, and also to give the parents a chance to learn about what to expect in this first year of school. I have to admit...It was nice to be able to stay with her and watch how excited she was to feel like a big kid. Although this was the first day, she doesn't have class for the rest of the week so that the teachers can do "kindergarten testing" with each of the kids. She will start her first full week of class next week.
As we were walking back to the car she informed me that I can keep walking her in to school, but just until she learned where her class was and then she can do it by herself. Only one day down and already she is trying to get rid of me!!!
I am so proud of her. She is going to have a great time and will learn a ton. She is such a smart girl and so well behaved...we have nothing to worry about...right???

Moose Hollow Lodge

Here are some pictures from our most recent trip with Steph and Ryan's families. We went up to Moose Hollow Lodge for a couple of days and spent a little time at the pool, had a "water day" at the lake and had a "chuckwagon" dinner with games for everyone. There were too many pictures to post individually...but you get the point!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Avery's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday to Avery...

We had a little birthday party for Avery on Sunday. Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, Steph, Fran and Wyatt were able to come over for dinner and then the Sparks joined us for cake and ice cream.
Avery has started talking so much more in the last couple weeks and is starting to show quite the little personality. At her 2 year appointment we discovered that she has hit a growth spurt and jumped off the charts for her height. Her doctor says that she is about 5 inches taller than the growth curve she's been following. I am sure she'll slow down soon but she is much taller than Baylee was at 2.
As she is getting older she is starting to grasp the concept of "presents." She had the funniest reactions to her was fun to watch.
She is such a sweet heart...We love her so much!!!