Saturday, May 30, 2009

Avery's first stitches

Last night Baylee comes running in the house saying that Avery just cut her head open and it's bleeding everywhere. I take off outside to find Avery, harldly walking straight, with blood dripping everywhere. I picked her up and layed her on the grass and immediatly could tell that she needed stitches. The cut was so deep! We finally got the bleeding stopped and went to the emergency room. Now...all of you who know Avery very well know that she has a huge fear of strangers and doctors and another huge fear of being held down. The mixture of the two didn't make for an easy night by any means. When they finally were able to see her they told us that they had called in the plastic surgeon to work on her, since it was pretty deep and on her face. I was happy about that until they said that they would like to sedate her. My heart sunk because I knew that meant she would have to get an IV placed. As Baylee and Dave left the room, the nurse wrapped her up in a sheet (which is when the screaming started) and I had to hold her down while they poked her not once, but twice!! She was such a trooper. Once the IV was in, it was all down hill from there. They put her to sleep and the stitching only took a couple of minutes. It was a pretty traumatic experience, but I don't know if it was worse for Avery or Baylee. Baylee is so sensitive and was so worried about what they would do to Avery. She was in tears most of the night too. Karen was nice enough to come and pick Baylee up so that she didn't have to suffer through any more!!

Here are some pictures after we got home...

Last night after we got home from the hospital

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but she is bruised up into her hair line as well as above her left eye.

She's been really tough so far and has even been letting me clean it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Avery's new bike!

One of our neighbors just gave Avery this cute little bike. She has been dying to have a real bike of her own, but we were hoping to wait until her birthday. Luck for her, our neighbors were getting rid of this bike but decided to give it to her instead. She looks so big riding a bike and is already wanting a bigger one!

Soccer Pictures...Finally!

Now that soccer is over I actually have some pictures to post. At her last game her coach bought each of the girls a soccer ball that they could color and sign. They LOVED it!! She had a fun time this year was actually aggressive. She scored about 3 goals every game and had a blast with the girls on her team.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cute pictures of the kids

Here are some cute pictures of the kids at the Kangaroo Zoo. They can't ever get enough of that place. But this time we went with Steph and the boys and all Avery could talk about was holding baby Walker. So...he finally woke up and then the Kangaroo Zoo wasn't all that fun anymore.

T Ball has started

Baylee has started Soccer and T Ball again. I've obviously been slacking on the soccer pictures, but here are some from the last T Ball game.

My newest craft

Thanks to Heather and her friend, I have just learned how to make these watch bands. This is my first one and I am so anxious to make some more!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Early Mother's Day Present wonderful husband decided to give me a Mother's Day present early this year. He bought me a new couch and chair for the family room!! I am so excited!!! We have waited a long time to make the purchase because we were convinced that the kids would just destroy it. It looks like it's leather, but it's actually microfiber so it should clean up really easy, not to mention durable.
I just love it...thanks Dave!