Monday, April 21, 2008

I don't have any new pictures to post but thought I would give an update on what has been going on at the Sanders home!!
For my birthday Dave bought me the best present ever...Laser eye surgery. I had it done about 3 weeks ago and have absolutely LOVED it!! I have also cut back to working 4 days a week and I am really looking forward to having an extra day with the girls.

Baylee is learning tons at preschool!!! Last night at dinner she was able to tell us all of the names of the planets and something special about each one. I was blown away. What can I say...she takes after me!!! She also finished her 2nd set of swimming lessons and is getting so brave in the water. She will be a good little swimmer by the end of the summer.

Avery is getting SO BIG!! She talks in her own little language and thinks she makes perfect sense. She is a lot of fun to be around and is starting to be more comfortable with "strangers". She always has a purse, baby doll and a cell phone in hand. We can't go anywhere with out it!

Dave is still working a TON at Hill Air Force Base. We are thankful for the opportunities he has to work up there. Between work and Church callings he stays VERY busy.
Summer is coming fast...and that means softball is coming too. We are looking forward to another summer at the softball fields.

That about sums it up. We are busy and time is just flying by!!!
I have been tagged by my sister...Emily!

5 things i was doing 10 years ago
1. Graduating from High School
2. Going on my first, and only, trip out of the United Spain
3. Moving away from home for the first time
4. was only 10 years ago but I can't remember...

5 things on my to-do list...there is never enough time to get it all done
1. get my brakes fixed
2. get my car fixed...from my first accident
3. clean my house
4. do laundry...this is never ending
5. finish my crafts for the "craft fair" at work
6. spend more time with the girls

5 snacks i like
1. chocolate
2. chips
3. fresh fruit
4. brownies
5. chips and salsa

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire
1. quit working
2. give my sisters money to quit working
3. pay cash for a house
4. pay off our debt
5. and realistically I would do a lot of of the Mortensen Girls favorite past time.

5 Bad habits
1. bitting my finger nails
2. popping my joints
3. control freak
4. if things aren't done my way then they are wrong
5. procrastination

5 jobs i have had
1. Executive Assistant
2. Office Manager
3. CNA supervisor
4. Unit clerk
5. Admitting clerk

5 places i have lived
1. Clearfield Utah
2. Farmington Utah
3. Provo Utah
4. Plano Texas

5 people i TAG
1. Karen
2. Nina
3. and anyone else that hasn't already been tagged