Monday, April 13, 2009

Favorite Easter Pictures

Here are some of our favorite pictures from Easter this year. One day we might get an entire family picture taken!

Easter Sunday

On Easter we had Stephanie and Ryan's families up for dinner. Jonathan was also here this year, along with Fran's parents so we had a full house. After dinner we, of course, had another easter egg hunt! You can't have too many of those.

Here are some pictures through out the no particular order!

Most of the cousins...we miss you Owen!

Finding the eggs...

Here are some pictures before we left for church

Easter morning...

Yes, Avery has her eyes closed AGAIN!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our first pet

That's right...I said it! Ever since Avery "won" her precious goldfish at the carnival today, Baylee hasn't been able to stop talking about it. I actually thought that it wasn't going to survive all the shaking around, but it did make it home with us. Dave, of course, took her right to the pet store and bought her a fish bowl, rocks, a pretty little bush, and another goldfish friend so they could each have one! As you all know, I have been protesting pets for quite some time now. Although it is only a goldfish it still qualifies as a pet...and for that, my girls are thrilled!!

Dying Easter Eggs

I forgot to take pictures of the actual dying process, so here are some pictures of the girls decorating every inch of their eggs with stickers.

Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went to the easter egg hunt/carnival at Wheeler Farms. This is becoming a little tradition with my brother and sister. The kids had a great time...and got lots of fun treats!

Of course Avery was afraid of the Easter Bunny so she wouldn't look at the camera...she had to keep an eye on him.

Dave helped the kids climb a tree, but unfortuantely I was helping to hold all 4 of them on and didn't get a picture that included Wyatt.

You can't go to Wheeler Farms without feeding the ducks

Avery even got her face painted. If you can't's a flower!

The highlight of the day was that Avery won a real goldfish at one of the carnival booths!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Activities

The easter activities have begun...

We had a fun day at Marisa's house with friends/cousins making cookies and painting easter eggs. The kids have so much fun when they get together, and luckily we left Marisa's house in one piece! Thanks again for the fun day!!